Buying a car can be an exciting time in your life and potentially your first major purchase. Whether you're interested in a few tips, or not sure where to start, OMNI is here to help you navigate the journey! The steps below help explain the simple few items for purchasing a car. You'll be on your way to driving in no time!

Take a look at your monthly budget and current bills. How much can you afford per month on a vehicle payment? Determining your monthly budget will help give an idea on how much of a car payment you can afford. Make sure you set a firm budget for your new vehicle so you're able to stay within the amount you can afford. Taking your time and determining how much you can afford will help make the overall experience a great one!

Although not required, a down payment can also help decrease your monthly car payment.

Remember to consider other costs, such as insurance, gas, oil changes, and maintenance.

Click here for OMNI's Auto Loan calculator to estimate how much you can afford per month.

Or, visit a branch and an OMNI team member will be happy to help you determine an amount you can afford each month with your average budget.

Once you have an idea of what vehicle you're interested in purchasing and the amount you're looking to spend, simply apply for an auto loan through OMNI's website or visit your nearest branch. An OMNI team member will be in touch within an average of 1-2 business days with their decision.

Before you apply, please make sure you have your driver's license, social security number, and proof of income with you to start your application.

You'll first want to determine what kind of vehicle you're looking for. Are you driving long distances and need something more gas efficient? Looking for a mini-van for your growing family? Or maybe you're interested in a truck for hauling capability. Whether it's for safety, size, cargo space, or reliability, just to name a few, there are plenty of options to choose from that can be the perfect fit for your needs. Take a look around and think about what you need and are looking for in your lifestyle.

You'll have 30 days from the day of approval to shop. Take a look around at dealerships or private sellers and start shopping with your pre-approved amount. Be sure to test drive and make sure everything is right for you.

Once you find your vehicle, you'll need to get the purchase agreement and VIN. OMNI will then finish the loan and work with you to make sure everything is all set.

Woo hoo - congratulations on your new car! Whether you prefer closing in-branch or on-the-go through email, we make it easy for you to finalize your auto loan and put you in the driver's seat. Your loan and payment details will be in your Digital Banking account and remember to feel free to reach out with any questions!