OMNI Community Credit Union's Scholarship Program* provides the opportunity to apply for scholarships to help with costs of a higher education to the college, university or vocational school of your choice.

Scholarships available this year are:

$5,000 Scholarships

A total of three $5,000 scholarships are available and will be awarded to three high school seniors.

$2,000 Dorothy A. Thomas Scholarship

One female senior who has a proven track record in community service will be awarded the Dorothy A. Thomas Scholarship.

Online Application Print Application

All applications and materials must be submitted online or by mail by April 3, 2023.
Scholarship winners will be announced on Friday, April 21, 2023.

*Students must be members of the Credit Union in order to be eligible for the scholarship. All scholarship winners must submit a senior picture upon receiving the news that they have won in order to receive the scholarship money.