Celebrate seven years of community impact with the OMNI Gives Back Program! We're thrilled to have you on this journey of positive change.

Here's the scoop:

When you finance an auto loan or choose to refinance your existing auto loan with us, you're not just upgrading your wheels - you're making a positive difference. Upon funding, we're excited to contribute $15 on your behalf to support the cause that matters most to you. Explore our list of local and impactful 501(c)(3) non-profits, each with a compelling mission aimed at creating a better environment in our communities. The power is in your hands to choose where our donation goes. Let's drive change together!

Kalamazoo Gospel Mission:

Evolved from a depression-era soup kitchen, the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission has become a comprehensive organization providing shelters for men and women, children’s ministry, addiction recovery resources, medical and mental health support, job-skills training, and education assistance. Offering donated clothing, goods, and hands-on auto repair training, the mission assists the homeless, fostering self-sufficiency and empowerment.

Keystone Place:

With a history of supporting over 600 families since 1996, Keystone Place goes beyond offering temporary shelter. Emphasizing a program that encourages participation, the organization provides tools for independence and self-sustainability. Through proactive engagement, Keystone Place seeks to empower individuals and families seeking assistance.

Special Olympics:

Originating as a summer day camp over 50 years ago, Special Olympics has grown into a global movement, providing year-round training and Olympic-style competitions for individuals with intellectual disabilities worldwide, including Michigan. With roots in grassroots efforts, the organization continues to unite people across continents, fostering inclusivity and support for children and adults.

Talons Out Honor Flight:

An all-volunteer organization in Southwestern Michigan, Talons Out Honor Flight is dedicated to giving WWII, terminally ill, and Korean War veterans the opportunity to visit the War Memorial in Washington, D.C. Through community donations and volunteer efforts, this non-profit has flown hundreds of veterans to D.C., honoring their service with this unforgettable experience.

The Haven of Rest:

Established in 1956, The Haven of Rest has expanded its services from providing meals and temporary shelter to offering extended care for homeless men, women, and children. This includes counseling, addiction recovery support, transitional housing, pastoral services, and referrals for medical care, legal assistance, and employment opportunities. The Haven continues to be a comprehensive resource for those in need.

What better way to strengthen our communities in 2024 than by supporting each other? Beyond benefiting from lower rates and affordable payments, your involvement in the OMNI Gives Back Program generates donations that truly make a difference. It's the Power of Us. Together.


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