Why should you try OMNI's Online Bill Pay service?

First of all, it's FREE:
OMNI's Online Bill Pay is a free service for all checking account holders and can be set up through OMNI Digital Banking.

Enjoy more control over your account:

  • With Bill Pay, you decide when payments are scheduled and sent
  • Provides an alternative to giving your card number or account number to a company or person for payment
  • Eliminates the uncertainty of waiting for a payment to be automatically withdrawn by a company
  • Payments can be scheduled to process same-day or on a future date. Can also be a single payment or recurring

Quick processing:

  • Unlike a mailed check, Bill Pay payments are withdrawn from your checking account within 1 business day of processing
  • Provides more clarity for budgeting purposes
  • Electronic payment option allows a payee to receive your payment quicker than a mailed check

Notifications and Alerts

  • Bill Pay offers text and email notifications based on your preferences, to help you stay on track
  • E-Bill feature can notify you when a bill is due and even show a PDF of the bill statement

Have a question about Bill Pay? Ask the experts!
Call 866-673-0128 or use the Chat Now feature on our Bill Pay site.