Credit Card Balance Transfer

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ex. 999-999-9999
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ex. 5142579999999999.

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I authorize OMNI Community Credit Union to bill my OMNI Mastercard® Platinum Credit Card in the amount(s) indicated. Balance transfer request(s) exclude loan or credit card balances held with OMNI and are processed at the balance transfer rate indicated in the current Credit Card Agreement and are subject to credit availability and member qualification to be in good standing.

I acknowledge that it may take up to 30 days for the other financial institution account to be credited, and that I am still responsible for any unpaid minimum balance to keep this/these loan(s) current, even if my request to transfer the total amount due. OMNI Community Credit Union is not responsible for any additional charges or fees assessed by the other financial institution(s), nor payments that are late or lost in the mail. Transfer of balances which contain disputed charges may cause loss to rights with regard to those charges. OMNI is not responsible for closing my other account(s). They will not close automatically even if they are paid in full.